Cambridge Conservation Forum

Strengthening links and developing collaborations across the diverse community of conservation practitioners and researchers based in and around Cambridge

Cambridge Conservation Forum (CCF) is a network that links the diverse Cambridge-based community of conservation practitioners and researchers working at local, national and international levels.

Cambridge Conservation Forum is an active network of over 60 conservation-related member organisations and institutions based in and around Cambridge and plays an important role as a founder member of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative.

CCF aims to:

  • Foster contacts between people in different organisations.
  • Broaden awareness of the exceptional pool of local expertise and activities.
  • Encourage the development of joint initiatives aimed at tackling common problems.

Membership is open to not-for-profit organisations, and institutions, including governmental bodies, and universities involved in conservation policy, practice and research and for profit organisations whose main activity is biodiversity conservation. Individuals with an active interest in conservation research, policy or advice but who are not in a member organisation may become individual members of the Forum.

“Partnership with the CCI allows our many members, ranging from the smallest local group to major international NGOs, to contribute their experience and ideas to help solve the biodiversity and climate crises that CCI aims to tackle. CCI’s wider convening power has proved remarkable, and we welcome the opportunity to contribute our many and varied perspectives to the CCI’s search for solutions so that it can help transform the way society thinks about nature”  – Humphrey Crick, Treasurer and Former Chair of CCF.

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