The six University departments from within the University of Cambridge and nine internationally focused conservation organisations have created the Cambridge Conservation Initiative as a way of achieving more effective interdisciplinary, collaborative approaches to the study and conservation of biodiversity.

CCI Partners

The founder organisations work together to create and direct the initiative. They are represented at a senior level on the CCI Council.

A global network of expertise

CCI was created by the ten partner organisations to complement their existing conservation work. Each partner has well-established programmes, specific areas of expertise and extensive global networks. In Cambridge they form the largest cluster of conservation organisations in the world.

CCI connects the partners’ complementary strengths to create synergies, helping to spark ideas for innovative and more effective ways to tackle the challenges facing global biodiversity.

The scale of our expertise is unparalleled

Encompassing world-class conservation research, education, policy and practice, CCI has phenomenal ability to create innovative solutions for society and to strengthen conservation leadership and capacity across the world.