CCI is a strategic collaboration between independent organisations, each with its own identity, constitution and governance.

CCI partners have agreed to work closely together under a shared strategy and set of operational procedures. In joining CCI, each organisation subscribes to a set of shared principles and signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the other CCI partners.

CCI has no separate legal identity but its overall direction and collaborative programmes are overseen by the CCI Council comprised of representatives of each CCI partner. The guidance of CCI activities is carried out by a series of Committees and Advisory Groups which may be reviewed and changed by the partners, through the Council, from time to time.

The guidance and oversight of CCI activities are carried out by various processes and committees. The CCI Council is the primary decision-making body for the overall initiative and consists of senior representatives from each of the CCI partners.

There are also advisory and working groups to give direction and support to the different CCI activities and to help with the overall development of the collaboration.


The CCI Council is the primary decision-making body for the overall initiative. On behalf of the CCI partners they adopt and oversee progress on achieving the CCI Strategy. Working groups for all the CCI programmes and activities report to the Council.

Advisory Board

The CCI Advisory Board provides guidance on the global niche and future direction of CCI, helping to identify new strategic opportunities and secure support for CCI collaborative activities.