Bringing biodiversity into the heart of natural capital approaches (archives.php)

Bringing biodiversity into the heart of natural capital approaches

Biodiversity is insufficiently incorporated into private sector natural capital assessments. As a result activities designed to reduce impact on natural capital tend to focus on water and carbon, overlooking biodiversity considerations. This project will engage with key stakeholders to explore how biodiversity can be better represented and integrated into such assessments. 

A global audit of biodiversity monitoring

There is a growing demand for data to track the changing state of biodiversity, such as trends in species’ populations. This project will undertake a global audit of biodiversity monitoring, identifying the major taxonomic, geographic and temporal gaps in coverage, and suggest ways to close them. The work will help to improve the monitoring of…

GO-FOX – The Group and Organisation Future of Conservation Survey

Building on the success of the Future of Conservation Survey, and responding to demand from potential users, this project will develop a new tool that enables conservation organisations better to understand the values held by their staff, and to use this knowledge to inform their organisational culture, development and conservation strategies.

Learning from Citizen Science approaches to map threats to wildlife globally and inform conservation policies

The primary aim of this project was to advance our understanding of the spatial distribution of threats to species and to enhance the understanding of the interactions between multiple threats to species as well as to imbed new knowledge into relevant policy processes – specifically targeting the Convention on Biological Diversity’s post-2020 process.

Embedding environmental sustainability in the start-up ecosystem

Business activities have a massive effect on environmental conservation, and start-up companies represent a significant part of the future of business. This project will develop a proof of concept to demonstrate how to build capacity amongst entrepreneurs, their supporters and financial backers to integrate sustainability into business models from the outset.

CCI engagement in defining the post-2020 biodiversity agenda

The Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 – and its associated 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets – has been the largest ever intergovernmental plan for saving nature and nature’s benefits on land and sea. While continuing to focus on achieving Aichi targets, the international community will need to contribute to processes that will lead to adoption of…

Putting climate change adaptation into conservation practice

There is a clear and pressing need for a scientific assessment of the evidence about the effectiveness of climate change adaptation to help guide conservation policy and practice around the world. This needs to be supported by guidance about the use of specific interventions. At present, we do not understand the potential for adaptation to…

Biodiversity and natural capital

Framing nature as ‘natural capital’ is a way of looking at the environment from an economic perspective, with living and non-living elements of the environment seen as a ‘stock’ or an ‘asset’ from which numerous benefits flow in the form of ecosystem services. Recognising these benefits allows values, sometimes financial, to be associated with them.…