Collaborating to conserve biodiversity

The Cambridge Conservation Initiative is a collaborative partnership which brings together the biggest names in international biodiversity conservation with the University of Cambridge. Our mission is to transform the global understanding and conservation of biodiversity to secure a sustainable future for all life on Earth.

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Sir David Attenborough, CCI Honorary Patron

"An extraordinary marriage between outstanding practical conservationists and inspiring intellectual thinkers which will shape the future of life on Earth."

Creating Global Impact

Building on each partner’s existing programme of conservation work, CCI joins these organisations together to tackle complex and challenging issues with innovative approaches, using a multi-disciplinary approach that cannot be achieved by any one organisation alone.

The David Attenborough Building

In 2015 CCI brought together over 500 professional conservationists from the partner organisations to work together in the purpose-built Conservation Campus within the David Attenborough Building, Cambridge, UK. The Campus is now home to the biggest cluster of conservationists in the world.

Latest News

Urban Rewilding Workshop: Findings Published

The brief presents findings from the Urban Rewilding Workshop for policy staff from UK environmental agencies and organisations which ran at the DAB on the 6th July 2022. Participants included policy staff from London Wildlife Trust, DEFRA, Woodland Trust, RSPB and Utrecht Municipality. Those participants achieved consensus around ten principles for Urban Rewilding, through discussing…

CCI Collaborative Fund for Conservation projects announced

CCI’s Collaborative Fund for Conservation plays a critical role in fostering new collaborations across the CCI community and beyond. At…

Vacancy – Sustainability Project Manager (Part-Time, Contractor)

Are you passionate about sustainability and interested in being part of an exciting project in the David Attenborough Building, Cambridge?…

COP15: new Global Biodiversity Framework agreed

At 3.35am on 19 December 2022 in Montreal, the gavel went down on COP15 negotiations with a new Global Biodiversity Framework…