Working at the research policy and practice interface

Our Research/Policy/Practice Programme draws together the wide range of practitioners, policy experts, researchers and other stakeholders working within the CCI partners to:

  • Address major conservation issues and create conservation solutions
  • Highlight new challenges and opportunities
  • Deliver new ways of integrating conservation research, policy and practical action for the benefit of biodiversity.

This programme has grown out of a number of CCI activities. These include:

Horizon Scanning Project. Horizon scanning is the systematic search for, and examination of, potential threats, opportunities and developments that are not widely recognised. It is the first step in identifying, analysing and communicating hypotheses or insights about the future. This continuing set of activities focuses on identifying future issues for conservation and research priorities. More information about Horizon Scanning can be found here.

The Shared Challenges Programme (2008-2012). This programme was established to begin a coordinated process across the Cambridge community to identify and address key and emerging conservation challenges. This process helped to catalyse and co-ordinate focused discussions and responses to challenges facing conservation research, policy and practice. Programme activities ranged from long term projects running over several months to brainstorming sessions and one‐off ‘hot topic’ discussions centred on current issues or funding calls. Building on the success of this programme CCI continues to support and catalyse a range of activities to stimulate and enhance collaboration.

Funding for CCI's Research/ Policy/ Practice programme is also available to all CCI partners and their collaborators through the CCI Collaborative Fund for Conservation.

All these activities have given rise to a growing body of CCI resources, tools and models for collaborative working, which we continue to develop through all our collaborative programmes and projects. You can access a complete list of resources and project outputs here.