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Horizon Scanning: A horizon scan of global conservation issues for 2010 An activity of CCI, Horizon Scanning identifies emerging issues in a given field sufficiently early to conduct research to inform policy and practice. A group of horizon scanners, including academics... Journal articles
Joined-up indicators guide policy better Biodiversity indicators are easier to understand, communicate and act upon when linked together in a set that connects policies to outcomes. A booklet was produced as part of the 2010 Biodiversity... Handouts and booklets
Workshop report: Assessing and valuing ecosystem services (December 2009) A Shared Challenges Programme workshop on 7th December 2009 brought together people from across CCI and beyond to discuss and share experiences on ecosystem services projects. It highlighted some... Workshop proceedings
Key messages: Biodiversity conservation and the EU sustainability criteria for biofuels This summary is the output from a Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) convened workshop, on 27th February 2009, on the impacts on biodiversity conservation of the EU sustainability criteria for... Policy briefs
CCI workshop report: REDD and biodiversity (14th October 2008) This workshop on Reduced and Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) was convened through the Cambridge Conservation Initiative Horizon Scanning project to bring together policy-makers,... Workshop proceedings