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Briefing on IPBES Jerry Harrison gave an update on the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) on 3 October at UNEP-WCMC. 2013 is the year in which the IPBES work... Talks and presentations
Reducing the carbon footprint of conservation organisations This report, produced by the CCI-CCF Carbon Management Task Force, showcases a range of carbon saving projects from across Cambridge and outlines measures that organisations can take to reduce the... Working papers and reports
Open-source mapping and services for Web-based land-cover validation This paper, an output of a CCI Collaborative Fund project, presents an example of a web-based solution based on free and open-source software and standards (including PostGIS, OpenLayers, Web Map... Journal articles
Protection Reduces Loss of Natural Land-Cover at Sites of Conservation Importance across Africa While there is broad agreement that protected areas play a significant role in reducing land-cover change, quantifiable evidence for their efficacy can be difficult to obtain. In this paper Alison... Journal articles
Financial costs of “saving” globally threatened species and safeguarding important sites for biodiversity Inadequate information on the scale of current spending on biodiversity conservation and unmet needs is seen as a major impediment to securing the necessary mobilization of financial resources. Using... Talks and presentations, Video
Addressing the value of nature: CCI Panel Discussion During the University of Cambridge Alumni Weekend (September 23, 2012) a panel of five CCI experts came together for a roundtable discussion to offer their perspectives on how and why we should put a... Talks and presentations, Video
Links in biodiversity conservation, ecosystems services and climate change: teaching materials and building capacity This talk was delivered during a CCI Collaborative Fund Seminar Series held on April 15, 2013. The seminar series brings together projects funded by the CCI collaborative fund to give the audience an... Talks and presentations
A 5 minute multimedia montage of the CCI Campus launch event - April 02, 2013 This 5 minute montage will give you a flavour of the CCI Conservation Campus launch event which took place at the University of Cambridge Senate House on April 02, 2013. An inspiring and insightful... Video
Sir David Attenborough officially launches the CCI Conservation Campus - April 2, 2013 An inspiring and insightful lecture by Sir David Attenborough in the University of Cambridge Senate House on April 02, 2013 was attended by over 400 guests and marked the official launch of the... Video
Cambridge Conservation Initiative Brochure The Cambridge Conservation Initiative Brochure gives an overview of the collaborative initiative. As a collaboration CCI seeks to transform the global understanding and conservation of biodiversity... Handouts and booklets, Website resource
Horizon Scanning: 2013 BES Legislative Scan - What are the forthcoming legislative issues of interest to ecologists and conservationists in 2013? This is the third review of the forthcoming environmental legislation likely to occur on a global scale, in the EU and in the UK and its constituent countries. This review encompasses possible... Journal articles
Training materials and tools on the links between biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services and climate change To foster a greater understanding of the links between biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services and climate change, a CCI collaborative funded project has developed training materials and tools... Website resource
Conserving the Birds of Uganda’s Banana-Coffee Arc: Land Sparing and Land Sharing Compared The authors explore potential solutions by assessing whether land sparing (farming for high yield, potentially enabling the protection of non-farmland habitat), land sharing (lower yielding farming... Journal articles
Information document: A preliminary review of the motivations for participating in IPBES assessments (IPBES/1/INF/15) This paper aims to inform discussions concerning the participation of experts in potential IPBES assessments, using interview responses to illustrate the positive and negative incentives to... Working papers and reports
Horizon Scanning: A horizon scan of global conservation issues for 2013 This paper presents the findings of our fourth annual horizon-scanning exercise, which aims to identify topics that increasingly may affect conservation of biological diversity. The 15 issues were... Journal articles
CCI workshop report: CCI and China 1 - Where are we and what next? (17th December 2012) The title of the 1 day workshop was “CCI and China 1: Where are we and what next?” and the aims of it were for CCI partners to: Share information on current and planned projects in China Discuss... Workshop proceedings
Gaming for Nature The Gaming for Nature website was created as one of the outputs of the CCI participatory workshop funded project Gaming and Biodiversity Conservation: Assessing the Potential.  Website resource
CCI workshop report: How can incentives for soil carbon management contribute to food security and biodiversity conservation? This workshop explored how payments for soil carbon management might contribute to food production and biodiversity conservation. Workshop discussions were informed by a background paper and five... Workshop proceedings
Policy brief: Incentives for soil carbon management - how can they impact biodiversity and food production? This policy brief was developed through an international CCI Strategic Initiative Workshop that brought together: soil scientists, land economists, agriculturalists, plant scientists and biodiversity... Policy briefs
Conserving biodiversity on farmland - A guide to agriculture extension work This handbook is a revised version of the first edition which was based on results from a research project ““Conserving biodiversity on the modernising farmed landscapes of Uganda”” and the CCI... Working papers and reports
The CCI Strategy 2012-2020 In adopting the CCI strategy 2012-2020, all the CCI partners commit to work more closely together in the belief that this will make a significant difference to biodiversity conservation. To measure... Handouts and booklets, Other documents
Horizon Scanning: 2012 BES Legislative Scan - What are the forthcoming legislative issues of interest to ecologists and conservationists in 2012? In this horizon scanning exercise the authors examine topics that are likely to arise in a similar manner to the exercise carried out in 2011. Through this paper the authors hope to enable the... Journal articles
Horizon Scanning: 2011 BES Legislative Scan - What are the forthcoming legislative issues of interest to ecologists and conservationists in 2011? The authors through this paper aim to identify likely new legislation which may have direct or indirect impacts on ecologists or which might benefit from proactive links with ecologists. They... Journal articles
CCI Policy Brief: Climate change adaptation for biodiversity This Policy Brief was produced as an output of the CCI Strategic Workshop Funded project Developing a framework to inform climate change adaptation for global biodiversity. Suggested citation:CCI... Policy briefs
CCI Poster: Climate change adaptation for biodiversity This poster was produced and presented at the ‘Planet Under Pressure’ conference in London (March 2012). This poster was one of the outputs from the CCI Strategic Workshop Funded project Developing a... Policy briefs, Workshop proceedings
Exploring whether behavior in context-free experiments is predictive of behavior in the field: Evidence from lab and field experiments in rural Sierra Leone The authors use a sample of subsistence farmers in Sierra Leone as respondents to compare behavior in a context-free experiment (a standard public goods game) and behavior in the field (a real... Journal articles
Using Artefactual Field Experiments to Learn about the Incentives for Sustainable Forest Use in Developing Economies The authors describe in this paper the implementation of a public goods game and a social intervention modeled after a public goods game in rural Sierra Leone near the Gola Forest Reserve. They also... Journal articles
When Economics Meets Hierarchy: A Field Experiment on the Workings of the Invisible Hand In this working paper, the authors depart from the traditional experimental investigation of neoclassical competitive theory by using the tools of experimental economics in an actual marketplace. ... Working papers and reports
Preparing teaching materials and building capacity in bodiversity, ecosystem services and climate change This talk was delivered during a CCI Forum (February 2012) on how the CCI Collaborative Funded project Teaching materials and building capacity on links between biodiversity conservation, ecosystem... Talks and presentations
Financial Costs of Meeting Global Biodiversity Conservation Targets: Current Spending and Unmet Needs This paper published in the journal Science (October 2012) provides robust estimates of the total and additional financing needed for achieving the Aichi Targets. World governments have committed to... Journal articles