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Avoiding impacts on biodiversity through strengthening the first stage of the mitigation hierarchy The mitigation hierarchy is a decision-making framework designed to address impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services through first seeking to avoid impacts wherever possible, then minimizing or... Journal articles
Presentation: The potential biodiversity cost of renewable energy Introductory presentation on the potential problems large-scale renewable energy deployment may pose for biodiversity by Dr James Pearce-Higgins (Director of Science at the British Trust for... Talks and presentations
Launch of the Cambridge Conservation Campus On 6 April 2016 the Cambridge Conservation Initiative celebrated the opening of its new campus in the David Attenborough Building. An audience of students, practising conservationists, academics and... Video
Open-source toolkit: methods for the use of UAVs in rapid forest quality assessment During the course of the project "Directing tropical forest management from the sky", UAVs have exploded in their use but legal restrictions have also proliferated. The work undertaken as part of... Toolkits
Above the trees below the leaves Presentation by Tom Swinfield to the RSPB Annual Science Meeting 2016.  Talks and presentations
Hope session at Nature Matters conference A recording of the final session at the New Networks for Nature/CCI Nature Matters conference, held in Cambridge between 22 and 24 September 2016. This session features presentations by Professor... Video
Global Coverage of Agricultural Sustainability Standards, and Their Role in Conserving Biodiversity Voluntary sustainability standards have increased in uptake over the last decade; here, we explore their potential contribution to biodiversity conservation and other aspects of agricultural... Journal articles
INTRINSIC: Integrating Rights and Social Issues in Conservation (A Trainer's Guide) Biodiversity conservation is essentially a social process. It involves working with people to make decisions about how they will access, use, value and protect nature. Conservation inevitably entails... Toolkits
CCI brochure: Introduction to CCI This flyer, prepared in March 2016, provides an introduction to the Cambridge Conservation Initiative.  Handouts and booklets
CCI brochure: Campus This flyer, prepared in March 2016, provides an overview of the CCI campus.  Handouts and booklets
Report: Biodiversity at the heart of accounting for natural capital This paper by members of CCI (with lead authors from the University of Cambridge, Fauna & Flora International, the RSPB, and UNEP-WCMC) describes how biodiversity is central to the natural... Working papers and reports
Organic farming and deforestation To the Editor — We agree with Reganold and Wachterthat organic farming offers lessons for improving agricultural sustainability. However, current organic certification systems do little to prevent... Other documents
Can UAVs be used to measure forest quality? In this online case study, published on the website of the conservation technology group WILDLABS.NET, Tom Swinfield explores the work undertaken in the collaborative project "Directing tropical... Other documents
Filling in biodiversity threat gaps The diversity of life on Earth — which provides vital services to humanity — stems from the difference between rates of evolutionary diversification and extinction. Human activities have shifted the... Journal articles
Horizon Scanning: 2016 BES Legislative Scan - What are the forthcoming legislative issues of interest to ecologists and conservationists in 2016? This paper covers our sixth assessment of the forthcoming legislation that we consider to have likely environmental consequences or consequences for ecologists. We again review issues of a global... Journal articles
Opening of the CCI conservation campus: press and media On 6 April CCI celebrated the opening of the conservation campus in the David Attenborough Building. Below is a selection of the media stories published to mark the opening. Sir David Attenborough ... Popular articles
Key impacts of climate engineering on biodiversity and ecosystems, with priorities for future research Climate change has significant implications for biodiversity and ecosystems. With slow progress towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, climate engineering (or ‘geoengineering’) is receiving... Journal articles
Horizon Scanning: A horizon scan of global conservation issues for 2016 This paper presents the results of our seventh annual horizon scan, in which we aimed to identify issues that could have substantial effects on global biological diversity in the future, but are not... Journal articles
The potential for land sparing to offset greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture Greenhouse gas emissions from global agriculture are increasing at around 1% per annum, yet substantial cuts in emissions are needed across all sectors. The challenge of reducing agricultural... Journal articles
Geographical variation in species' population responses to changes in temperature and precipitation Despite increasing concerns about the vulnerability of species' populations to climate change, there has been little overall synthesis of how individual population responses to variation in climate... Journal articles
Seeing through the trees A talk given by Tom Swinfield at the Autorestoration Workshop Forest Restoration Research Unit, in Thailand in October 2015.    Talks and presentations
Quantifying the relative irreplaceability of important bird and biodiversity areas World governments have committed to increase the global protected areas coverage by 2020, but the effectiveness of this commitment for protecting biodiversity depends on where new protected areas are... Journal articles
Conservation of Atewa Forest in Ghana Presentation by Jeremy Lindsell to:  8 October 2015: 60 delegates on a West Africa regional workshop for the Convention on Biological Diversity, Ghana;   9 October 2016: 40 masters students at St... Talks and presentations
Application of Persuasive Techniques in the design of mobile eHealth Systems In this conference paper, entitled 'Application of Persuasive Techniques in the design of mobile eHealth Systems', the authors Anandhi Vivekanandan Dhukaram, Laurie Parma, Alex Kogan, examine the... Talks and presentations
Video: Inside the David Attenborough Building Take a look inside the Cambridge Conservation Campus, part of the The David Attenborough Building, on the New Museums Site at The University of Cambridge. The building is currently being transformed... Video
Architects' brochure of The David Attenborough Building This booklet, produced by Nicholas Hare Architects, shows the transformation currently underway of the David Attenborough Building on the New Museums Site in Cambridge. Read about the building’s... Handouts and booklets
Conference paper: Promoting avoidance for conservation gains Biodiversity loss is occurring at an unprecedented rate, largely due to economic motivations for development. Current actions are failing to meet their targets, and new mechanisms are needed to avoid... Talks and presentations
Horizon Scanning: 2015 BES Legislative Scan - What are the forthcoming legislative issues of interest to ecologists and conservationists in 2015? This is our fifth assessment of the forthcoming legislation that is likely to have consequences for the environment and for ecologists. As before, we consider global scale issues, issues in the... Journal articles
A Comparison of Novel Optical Remote Sensing-Based Technologies for Forest-Cover/Change Monitoring Remote sensing is gaining considerable traction in forest monitoring efforts, with the Carnegie Landsat Analysis System lite (CLASlite) software package and the Global Forest Change dataset (GFCD)... Journal articles
Horizon Scanning: A horizon scan of global conservation issues for 2015 This paper presents the results of our sixth annual horizon scan, which aims to identify phenomena that may have substantial effects on the global environment, but are not widely known or well... Journal articles