Integrating Climate Change Science into Ecosystem-based Management


The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) are convening a series of short workshops focused on science-policy interactions within topical conservation and management issues. Each of the topics are issues faced in the Polar Regions but are also of global relevance and reach beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. By bringing together the Cambridge academic and conservation communities, and involving decision-makers from the outset, we aim to provide a forum for gathering and sharing expertise on these key issues.


• To provide a forum for discussion of key topics across experts working within the Cambridge academic and conservation communities, in different but relevant geographical regions and disciplines, and to involve relevant decision-makers from the outset;

• To facilitate the continuation of discussions/communications on a regular basis (which may include smaller focus groups as appropriate);

• To identify potential areas of collaboration and future work.

Workshop 1 - Integrating Climate Change Science into Ecosystem-based Management

This first workshop of the series considered how best to use current knowledge to provide information for policy makers about the effects of climate change on species and ecosystems in the Polar Regions and beyond. Four invited panel members each gave short presentations (summarised below) outlining their perspectives and highlighting specific challenges and potential solutions. This was followed by an open discussion with questions from the audience.

The following questions were given to the panel before the workshop and were also used as a basis for structuring the workshop discussion:

- How can we utilise current knowledge on climate change in a way that provides useful information for ecosystem-based management (EBM) decision-makers?

             - What information would improve this/what are the major knowledge gaps?

- How can we best assess risk from climate change to specific ecosystem management issues?

- How can we present clear messages to policy makers whilst dealing with high levels of uncertainty?

Workshop proceedings
Fri, 11 May 2018