Giulia Carbone

Deputy Director, Business & Biodiversity, IUCN

I am the Deputy Director of the Business and Biodiversity Programme at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). 

My recent responsibilities include the management of the Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel, the adaptation of the mitigation hierarchy to the sport and energy sectors, the development of the recommendations for responsible business operations in and around KBAs, and the development of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative’s performance standard.  Previously, I worked for the United Nations Environment Programme, where I was the coordinator of UNEP’s tourism work.

I hold a master of science degree from the London School of Economics in marine policy (1993), a master’s in environmental engineering from the Turin Polytechnic (1991), a bachelor of arts in economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA (1990) and the Laurea in geography from the Università di Genova, Italy (1997).

CCI collaborative projects, Project team member