Dr Chris Sandbrook

Senior Lecturer in Geography and Director of the MPhil in Conservation Leadership, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

As Director of the Cambridge Masters in Conservation Leadership I work very closely with a wide network of CCI people and organisations. I represent the Masters as a member of the CCI Council, and I am also involved in several CCI collaborative projects.

My research focuses on the relationship between conservation and society, particularly in the developing world. I am a political ecologist with diverse research interests around a central theme of biodiversity conservation and its relationship with society. My current research activities can be divided into three themes: (i) investigating the relationship between conservation and development at the landscape scale in developing countries, (ii) investigating the role of values and evidence in shaping the decisions of conservationists and their organisations, and (iii) investigating the social and political implications of new technologies for conservation. Under theme (ii), I lead the CCI Collaborative Fund GO-FOX project.


Governing body, Council, University conservation working group