People and Projects

Over the last four years, CCI has helped to catalyze over 40 workshops, discussions and reports through the Shared Challenges Programme, drawing more than 200 people from across CCI and beyond into a broad range of collaborative projects that identify and address key challenges facing biodiversity conservation.

CCI support for these activities has ranged from helping to co-ordinate the logistics behind workshops, building up the networks of contacts needed to run an activity and communicating the results and outputs through the CCI website and to partners though an intranet.

The CCI-funded projects have involved over 100 people from within the CCI partner organisations and departments together with 29 people from more than twenty external organisations and Universities, ranging from Microsoft Research to WWF, Natural England and the Uganda Wildlife Society.

The links on the right take you to the profiles of people involved in the projects that CCI has both funded and catalyzed:

All these activities have generated a dynamic network of contacts across Cambridge and beyond, leading to the establishment of multiple formal and informal networks. These networks not only connect people to others working in the same area, they are also invaluable in identifying emerging areas of common interest, helping project champions to forge interdisciplinary partnerships and produce agenda setting, world class research on the processes and drivers that affect biodiversity conservation.