Delivering the Blueprint Conference

25 Jun 2019

 Advancing integration of nature’s values into public policy

University of Cambridge, 19-20 September 2019


Thirty years ago the seminal Blueprint for a Green Economy outlined the steps required to integrate the values of nature into policy decision making. Some progress on achieving this has been made, but putting theory into practice and overcoming the inertia of business as usual remains a significant challenge.

Sponsored by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Co-operative Research Programme: Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems (, this conference will bring together policy makers, academics and advisors from across the OECD to share practical experience of integrating the values of nature into policy and identify the lessons learned that will result in better management of natural resources.


The conference will be a combination of formal presentations and tailored roundtable discussion with the proceedings published in an open access format.


Agenda and registration details to follow shortly.