CCI and BES joint symposium

21 Mar 2016

The Cambridge Conservation Initiative is delighted to be hosting, with the British Ecological Society, a symposium from 11-13 April 2016 entitled ‘Making a Difference in Conservation: Improving the Links Between Ecological Research, Policy and Practice’.

CCI recognises that collaboration between conservation practitioners, researchers and policy-makers is a vital component in efforts to make a difference in conservation. This is reflected in CCI’s Five Year Plan, which highlights 11 thematic areas where the application of research to policy and practice can be expected to have a transformational effect on biodiversity conservation.  

This symposium, which is being hosted in CCI’s newly created conservation campus within the David Attenborough Building, will bring together the ecological research community and those involved in policy and government, to assess the value and applicability of a range of techniques for improving the decision making process. The symposium’s programme has been put together with the aim of supporting delegates to learn how to achieve greater impact from their research, and to improve policies and practice. Delegates will benefit from insights from leading biodiversity researchers, practitioners and policy-makers, through a blend of presentations, poster sessions, workshops and panel discussions. Speakers include leading conservation figures from the CCI partners, who will be joined by experts from around the world.

Professor Bill Sutherland, past president of the BES and a member of the organising committee for the symposium, said ‘Although there has been much discussion on science and policy, there has been little change in how science informs policy. That means that what we do is less effective. We need to invest our time and money in doing what we know works. This symposium brings together 250 ecologists and policy makers from the UK, Europe, USA and Australia so that together, we can redefine the relationship between science and policy’. 

This is not CCI’s first engagement with the BES; the BES Bulletin has published annual scans of forthcoming legislation of relevance to ecologists since 2011. These scans are an output of the CCI’s horizon-scanning programme, and can be downloaded, along with the other horizon-scanning outputs from the CCI website.