Key Project Themes

The interdisciplinary approach and scope of CCI is currently focussed around the eight themes listed below. To view CCI projects under the different themes click on the project link and filter by theme.

Valuing biodiversity and ecosystem services
Through many of our collaborative projects, CCI aims to improve our understanding of the costs and benefits of biodiversity conservation in different ecosystems around the world. Collaborating organisations contribute by putting together their individual research expertise and experience in order to feed new thinking into the quantification, promotion and critical analysis surrounding the economic, social, political and biological values of ecosystems.

Biodiversity and climate change
Preservation of biodiversity and arresting global climate change are two issues which are increasingly viewed together as any progress made on one is hugely beneficial to the other. CCI projects attempt to understand the complex relationships between the two issues and appraise the various attempts being made to address the problems globally.

Biodiversity and food security
With increasing human population, more resource-intensive consumption behaviour and fast changing climatic conditions, food security is becoming a global humanitarian crisis. Increasing conversion of forests to farmlands threatens biodiversity but community based forest management also offers incentives to conserve biodiversity and use it to ensure food security to struggling communities. Some CCI collaborative projects attempt to study and offer solutions towards this increasingly complex problem.

Towards a green economy
As the world recovers from a major financial crisis, the global economy is reorienting itself in a number of ways. This is both a challenge and an opportunity to channel global market forces towards protecting and not destroying the environment. Many CCI projects explore different approaches to address this challenge.

Capacity building and leadership
Biodiversity conservation is a complex problem that involves multiple academic disciplines and requires understanding of issues at local and global levels. Hence conservation organisations need to equip themselves with different skills depending on the problems they are addressing. CCI projects help these organisations and the wider conservation community build capacity and train practitioners in skills and providing them knowledge, thus enabling them to become potential leaders.

Linking people, livelihoods and biodiversity
The problems of survival and well-being of local communities is inextricably linked with the problem of biodiversity conservation in most of the world. Many CCI projects examine the linkages between the local communities and biodiversity and find ways to address both questions simultaneously.

Indicators, monitoring and effectiveness
An important part of conserving biodiversity is knowing the current status of species, ecosystems and even the global climate. CCI projects use innovative techniques to monitor various indicators measuring these parameters. This information is used to evaluate the effectiveness of conservation programmes, highlight degrading areas and even provide inputs for future interventions.

Policy and governance
A number of success stories in conservation have come about through influencing policy-makers to enact laws or establish institutions to promote conservation. Many CCI projects work on areas that actively inform policy and their results can be used to influence and push policy-makers in the direction of conservation and environmental protection.