CCI collaborative projects

Noa Steiner

My area of work includes engaging with safeguards and standards of international financial institutions, as well as working to promote biodiversity-friendly sustainable energy infrastructure, and i

Tanya Birch

At Google I lead Geo for Good's Nature Conservation efforts, applying Google's petabyte-scale geospatial analysis platform called Google Earth Engine for conservation applications, driving nature-b

Chris Martin

I am Senior Web Developer at BirdLife International where I undertake full-stack maintenance and development of a number of web services which includes the development and implementation of the Wor

Ash Simkins

I joined BirdLife International in September 2018 after having undertaken my masters research project with BirdLife (which investigated the implications for conservation of BirdLife’s major taxonom

Adrian Hughes

I lead the GIS team within the RSPB’s Conservation Data Management Unit. Our team provides data collection, spatial analysis and mapping services to the RSPB and beyond.


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