Frequently asked questions

What range of conservation issues does the Cambridge Conservation Initiative address?

The interests and capabilities represented by CCI span UK and global conservation issues, bringing together a broad range of expertise in research and education, policy and action. See our key themes for more information.

What is the relationship between the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) and the Cambridge Conservation Forum (CCF)?

CCF is one of the founding members of CCI. CCI's plans are often developed in consultation with CCF, and CCF's Chair is a member of the CCI Council. CCF is a longstanding, loosely structured network that links the many conservation organisations, large and small, in and around Cambridge. CCF has been supportive of and involved in CCI from the outset, and has played a particular role in ensuring that smaller organisations have a voice as the future shape of conservation in Cambridge develops.

How can I find out about conservation seminars and events in Cambridge?

Cambridge-based events are included in the Cambridge Conservation Forum diary.

I am interested in a voluntary placement or internship in conservation. Who should I contact?

Many CCI organisations offer internships or placements. Opportunities are generally advertised on the Cambridge Conservation Forum jobs page. Alternatively, please consult the individual websites for further information and contact relevant organisations directly. List of founder organisations.

I am a student studying conservation. Where can I interact with other students?

Students from all over the world are welcome at the annual Student Conference on Conservation Science, held in Cambridge. This is one of very few conservation conferences aimed entirely at students. It helps young conservation scientists gain experience, learn new ideas and make contacts that will be valuable for their future careers. Over the past 11 years, we have hosted over 1,750 delegates from 108 countries worldwide. In recent years similar conferences have been set up in Bangalore, India, New York, USA and Brisbane, Australia

I am interested in a studying for a postgraduate qualification in conservation at Cambridge University. What are the possibilities?

Relevant one-year MPhil courses are:

PhD degrees are awarded on the basis of individual research over a period of three years, supervised by a member of a University Department. As a first step, potential supervisors may be identified from the websites of conservation-related research groups in the University. Further information about graduate study is available from the University's Graduate Admissions Office.

How can I study conservation as an undergraduate at Cambridge University?

Although there is no dedicated undergraduate course in conservation at Cambridge University, courses that have conservation as a component include Natural Sciences (biological sciences), Geography (society, nature and environmental systems) and Land Economy (environment, law, economics).