GO-FOX – The Group and Organisation Future of Conservation Survey

Building on the success of the Future of Conservation Survey, and responding to demand from potential users, this project will develop a new tool that enables conservation organisations better to understand the values held by their staff, and to use this knowledge to inform their organisational culture, development and conservation strategies.

Project Aims

Our project will create the novel Group and Organisation Future of Conservation Survey (GO-FOX) tool, make it freely available online and promote its uptake around the world. The tool will enable groups and organisations to understand their values with respect to contemporary debates in conservation, and to use this knowledge to inform their actions, ultimately leading to enhanced conservation impact. We have four aims:

  • Create, test and refine the GO-FOX tool
  • Launch the GO-FOX tool and promote its uptake
  • Build capacity through the use of the GO-FOX tool
  • Generate new research knowledge about organisational values

Key Activities

This project will proceed in several phases over a 12 month period. Planned activities include:

  • A consultation workshop with potential users of the tool
  • Designing and testing two versions of the GO-FOX tool – one for use in formal teaching and another for organisations to use as part of their strategic planning
  • Pilot testing of the tool with several degree programmes and conservation organisations
  • Launch of the tools and promotion around the world
  • Analysis of feedback and new data to establish impact of the tool and answer new research questions about organisational values

Conservation Impact

Organisations that critically reflect on, and take into account, the values of their staff or members tend to be stronger, more effective and better able to achieve long term conservation impact. Therefore, the improved knowledge, policies and practices of conservation groups and organisations that have used the GO-FOX tool should lead to greater success in their conservation work. In addition, the novel research findings of the project will open up new areas of research with tremendous potential for impact, such as how values within organisations (and their diversity) relate to conservation effectiveness.


The project will produce:

  • An updated Future of Conservation Survey website, available in English, French and Spanish
  • Supporting materials for users of the tool as a teaching or organisational capacity development tool
  • A new database with information from respondents on their values and their organisation or group characteristics
  • Promotional materials such as articles, tweets and blog posts

CCI partners Involved

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