Enhancing leadership in organisational development among conservation organisations globally

There is growing recognition that sustained conservation impact requires effective leadership from local and national organisations in biodiversity-rich countries. Strengthening the institutional capacity of these organisations is crucial to ensuring they can survive and deliver effective, locally-tailored conservation action. By building collaborative support to tackle common organisational development needs, this project aims to enhance leadership and learning in organisational development in conservation organisations globally.

The project builds on the CCI-supported project Building a network of institutional NGO capacity to support sustainable conservation. It aims to link conservation organisations together through a global Capacity for Conservation network. This will facilitate peer-to-peer mentoring, collaboration and sharing of good practice for organisational development. The project also aims to build the infrastructure required to make the Capacity for Conservation website accessible to conservation organisations globally by the end of 2014.  Formed in 2011, the Capacity for Conservation Collaboration is a consortium of BirdLife International, Fauna & Flora International, the Tropical Biology Association and the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge.

This project is funded by the CCI Collaborative Fund for Conservation.

Project Aims

1. Establish a “living” global Capacity for Conservation network to develop conservation capacity

2. Develop the infrastructure and capacity required to make the Capacity for Conservation website accessible to conservation organisations globally

3. Identify and share recommendations for investment priorities in the organisational development of conservation organisations 

CCI partners Involved

BirdLife International is a strategic global partnership of conservation organisations in over 100 countries, working to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, and to promote...
Fauna & Flora International (FFI) protects threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, based on sound science and that take account of human needs....
The Department of Geography's research clusters focus on society and environment, development and political ecology, culture and demography, environmental processes, landscape modelling and climate...
Tropical Biology Association is dedicated to building the capacity and expertise of people and institutions to conserve and manage biodiversity in tropical regions. Its network spans 40 countries.

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