The CCI Strategy 2012-2020

The Cambridge Conservation Initiative is a unique collaboration between the University of Cambridge and leading biodiversity conservation organisations in and around Cambridge. CCI seeks to transform the global understanding and conservation of biodiversity and the natural capital it represents and, through this, secure a sustainable future for all life on Earth. The CCI partners together combine and integrate research, education, policy and practice to create innovative solutions for society and to strengthen conservation leadership and capacity across the world.

Over the period 2012-2020, CCI will:

  • Increase the effectiveness of conservation actions by catalysing innovative and interdisciplinary collaborations that deliver sustainable solutions for natural resource management;
  • Enhance global conservation leadership and knowledge exchange through capacity building, training and networking;
  • Develop new thinking, ideas, tools and techniques to improve and integrate conservation practice, policy and research;
  • Create a momentum to draw in others to respond rapidly and effectively to the major biodiversity conservation challenges;
  • Establish a distinct internationally renowned centre of excellence for conservation with global convening power and fostering collaboration beyond organisational and disciplinary boundaries.

Delivering the strategy

CCI's strategy sets out an ambitious vision to tackle a major global challenge – the totally unsustainable depletion of the world’s biological diversity. Delivering the strategy requires institutions, and the people who work in them, to cross traditional boundaries between research, policy and practice, between disciplines and between cultures. It involves taking risks, exploring new ways of working and embracing new ideas.

In adopting this strategy, all CCI partners are committing to work more closely together in the belief that this will make a significant difference to biodiversity conservation. To measure the impact of the collaboration the partners have together developed a Five Year Plan of activities, targets and high level performance indicators.