Building Capacity and Leadership

Through our Capacity Building and Leadership Programme we are committed to providing world-class learning and leadership opportunities for those who want to understand biodiversity and ecosystems and the central role they play in the planet’s life support systems.

At the heart of this programme is a unique one-year Masters degree in Conservation Leadership, hosted by the Department of Geography in the University of Cambridge and created by all the CCI partners. This Masters Programme was launched in 2010 and is taught by over 60 experts, drawing on the rich and diverse skills, knowledge and expertise available across CCI partners. This course attracted 24 students from 17 countries in 2010 & 2011 and 18 new students for 2012 from 17 countries. 

Other collaborative initiatives under this programme include the Natural Capital Impact Group, developed for the business community by the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership.

CCI also supports the growing network of Student Conferences in Conservation Science, originating in Cambridge and currently takes place in Cambridge, Bangalore, New York and Australia.

CCI’s Capacity Building and Leadership Programme will grow to encompass leadership development, research training, and business and policy forums, for a wide variety of audiences.