Acknowledgements & Credits

This website was conceptualised with guidance and inputs from a number of people across the CCI community.

Many thanks to:

Gill Rands, Research Strategy Manager, University of Cambridge
Louise Walsh, Communications Officer, Office of External Affairs, University of Cambridge
Barney Brown, Digital Communication Manager, Office of External Affairs, University of Cambridge
Chris Sandbrook, Lecturer in Conservation Leadership, University of Cambridge/UNEP-WCMC
Roger Ingle, Communications Officer, Fauna and Flora International
Richard Thomas, Communications Co-ordinator, TRAFFIC International
William Skellorn, Website Manager, British Trust for Ornithology
Sam Wenham, University Computing Service (UCS), University of Cambridge 

Images used on the CCI website: 

Home page image (white flower): Jenny Downing via Flickr Creative Commons (image cropped)
Talking Heads and Carousel Images 2 and 3 on the Home Page: Kalyan Varma. Other images have been credited on the individual web pages.
A number of photographers gave us access to their images and we would like to thank them for their generosity.

Kalyan Varma
Brett Cole
Jacqueline Garget
Maarten Voors
K. Leuveld
Neil Burgess
Nigel Leader-Williams
Paul Donald
Pete Johnstone
David Tipling
Yangchen Lin
Ben Watkins - Pictures taken during CCI events
Tropical Biology Association (TBA)

Resources page icons
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Working papers and reports icon (report) designed by João Marcelo Ribeiro from the Noun Project
Workshop proceedings icon (brainstorm) designed by Jessica Lock from the Noun Project

If CCI partners would like to reproduce images from individual project pages please get in touch with the photographer directly for permission to use them. The images used throughout the CCI website were given by individual photographers for use only on the CCI website - kindly do not reproduce without permission.

All images from the ESA are open access and high resolution images can be downloaded directly from their website. When not stated pictures can be credited to CCI. 
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