"I support CCI because it aims to enable the emergence of innovative and potentially game-changing tools and approaches to tackle global conservation challenges"
André Hoffmann, Chair, MAVA Fondation

Introducing the Cambridge Conservation Initiative

The Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) is a unique collaboration between the University of Cambridge and leading internationally-focused biodiversity conservation organisations clustered in and around Cambridge, UK.

CCI seeks to transform the global understanding and conservation of biodiversity and the natural capital it represents and, through this, secure a sustainable future for all life on Earth. The CCI partners together combine and integrate research, education, policy and practice to create innovative solutions for society and to foster conservation learning and leadership.

Cambridge, UK is the hub of the largest cluster of conservation organisations in the world. Now, nearly ten years after it was founded, CCI has moved to its new location - a Conservation Campus in the heart of Cambridge - where leaders in academia, business, government and non-governmental organisations can interact and work together. More about CCI...


Latest News

14 Nov 2017
PRISM, a new evaluation toolkit, has been launched to help conservation practitioners improve the way they evaluate the outcomes and impacts of conservation projects. PRISM has been developed by a...
26 Sep 2017
A new study, funded by the CCI Collaborative Fund, has shown the potential vulnerability of birds and bats around the world to collide with wind turbines. The paper, recently published in Proceedings...